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Learn English online with Polite English - Your Free Resources to Better English.

Welcome to polite-english.com, a free survival guide for all who would like to perfect their spoken English language. Here we provide the simplest and most frequently used expressions, by mastering them you should not be at a loss for words. Practise these common English expressions and you will feel more confident in your private and business dealings. Polite-English is operated and updated by English Portal. Please visit - www.english-portal.com

. Advanced .
Saying No -> Refusing to do something.
Learn how to say no politely. -> Drag and Drop  [begin]
. Easy .
Would you mind ......? -> Drag and Drop
If you want to sound particularly polite you can also use Would you mind + verb-ing as the preferred alternative to Could you…?  [begin]
. Easy .
Asking for Information -> Drag and Drop
There are a number of formulas used when asking for information in English. Practice some of the most common of them.  [begin]
. Easy .
Hi! Hello! and more … Drag and Drop
There are lots of different ways of saying hello to people you know and people you don't know.  [begin]
. Intermediate .
Responding appropriately in special situations ...
Certain situations need special vocabulary - do you know the following expressions? - > True or False?  [begin]

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